All the Wrong Reasons

(Canada, 2013, 118 mins, DCP)
Cast Cory Monteith, Karine Vanasse, Kevin Zegers, Emily Hampshire, Denis Theriault, Glenn Lefchak, Marguerite McNeil
EXEC PROD Emily Alden, Kirk D’Amico
PROD Gia Milani, Tony Whalen, Phyllis Laing
SCR Gia Milani
CAM Stephanie Weber Biron
ED Thorben Bieger
PROD DES Jason Clarke
MUS Ari Posner
PROD CO Shore Road Pictures
Classification: 14A - Sexually suggestive scenes; coarse language
Guests in attendance.


Glee’s Cory Monteith, in his last screen role, plays James, the manager of a large department store outlet. His wife Kate (Karine Vanasse) works the security monitors in the store, viewing people without having to interact with them. The victim of a recent trauma, she’s unable to touch people, and it’s tearing her marriage apart. Things get worse as James grows closer to Nicole (Emily Hampshire), a troubled single mother and new cashier in the store. Completing the equation is another recent hire, Simon (Kevin Zegers). An amputee firefighter, he’s working security and hoping to be allowed back on his old job. His initial contact with Kate is hostile, but soon the two begin to bond, first over shared weaknesses, then over shared strengths.

Writer-director Gia Milani brings out the best in her cast, with Vanasse a standout as the traumatized Kate. Her recovery is expertly charted, beginning with small felicities and ending with big decisions. James will make choices too; they’ll come from the same place of need, but be based on different impulses. Milani is in tune with all four of these souls, but her empathy doesn’t preclude judgement. What she shows is that there are right and wrong ways to love, and that learning the difference is a worthy struggle.

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