Open Field

(Campo abierto)
(UK, USA, France, Mexico, 2013, 75 mins, HDCAM)
Canadian Premiere
FEATURING Gabriel Orozco
EXEC PROD Renne Sotelo
PROD Juan Carlos Martín
CAM Federico Barbabosa, Alberto Casillas, Gerónimo Denti, Miguel López, Cristian Manzutto, Juan Carlos Martín, Gabriel Orozco, Fernanda Romandía
EDS Jeanette Russ, Juan Carlos Martín
MUS Manuel Rocha, Andrés Sánchez, Gabriel Orozco
PROD CO Hidrógeno Films


Gliding with the grace of a boomerang, Juan Carlos Martín’s documentary circles back through artist Gabriel Orozco’s career, tracing how the Mexican modernist’s drawings, photographs and sculptures became so influential, while honing in on Orozco himself as he prepares for major retrospectives at the Tate Modern and the Centre Pompidou.

Martín spent five years on the project and there is a fascinating, if slightly prickly, tension between the filmmaker and his subject that one might expect after such an extended period together. On the other hand, that just might be part and parcel of Orozco’s artistic method, which is restless and eccentric yet very centered and purposeful. The fragmented nature of the film’s first part is a way of suggesting the scale and the densely accumulated range of Orozco’s work, while the musical accompaniment is particularly apt—not surprising when you realize that it is Orozco’s own exploratory piano playing. By the time we’ve visited the retrospectives at the Pompidou and the Tate, we come to fully realize the discipline involved in constantly moving forward, being productive, turning the corner, experimenting—and then returning to that which is most compelling. As Martín, who could be describing Orozco’s method as much as he is his documentary, succinctly put it, Open Field "is not a documentary about endings, but about how to always start once more…"

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