The Oxbow Cure

(Canada, 2013, 79 mins, HDCAM)
CAST Claudia Dey, Grace Glowicki
EXEC PRODS Brian Retallack, Virginia Shulist, Marvin Weintraub, Rita Weintraub
PRODS Karen Harnisch, Yonah Lewis, Calvin Thomas
SCR Lev Lewis, Yonah Lewis, Calvin Thomas
CAMS Ian Carleton, Yonah Lewis, Calvin Thomas
ED/MUS Lev Lewis
PROD DES Drew Lint


In turns sensuous and sinister, Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas’ entrancing, atmospheric character study unfolds as a series of increasingly compelling mysteries. Initially, we’re unclear why Lena (Claudia Dey, quietly commanding the screen) would retreat to an isolated cabin in the wilderness. In turn, we’re unsure of the precise nature of the illness that threatens to leave her spine contorted. Finally, much like Lena, we’re confounded by the seemingly supernatural presence that lurks outside. Is she actually being stalked or is she simply succumbing to her neuroses?

A deceptively bold and audacious work, Lewis and Thomas’ minimalist film has been justifiably hailed as a “potent and poetic piece of portraiture” by the Globe and Mail and celebrated by Cinema Scope for the “curious sense of exhilaration” it evokes. Largely devoid of dialogue, The Oxbow Cure relies instead on its dreamlike fluidity, enthralling images and the potent atmospherics elicited by its anxious score to craft a film experience that lends itself more to rapture than ready understanding.

"Yet another startling work by a group of young Torontonians whose eagerness to show off their smarts as cinephiles is matched by the potential they demonstrate as filmmakers. In fact, The Oxbow Cure could be this new generation’s most radical gesture yet… Viewers who are unafraid to venture into cinema’s darkest hinterlands will be impressed by what they discover here."—Jason Anderson, Grid

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