(Germany, 2013, 101 mins, DCP)
North American Premiere
Cast Nina Hoss, Marko Mandić, Uwe Bohm, Lars Rudolph, Peter Kurth, Rosa Enskat
EXEC PROD Henrik Meyer
PRODS Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber
SCR Thomas Arslan
CAM Patrick Orth
ED Bettina Böhler
PROD DES Reinhild Blaschke
MUS Dylan Carlson
PROD CO Schramm Film Koerner & Weber / Red Cedar Films / Bayerischer Rundfunk / ARD Degeto Film / Westdeutscher Rundfunk / ARTE Cinéma


Making glorious use of both its BC locations and luminous lead Nina Hoss (Barbara), this mannered and well-considered widescreen Western follows a band of German immigrants as they traverse the wilds of the Cariboo on the Klondike Gold Rush trail. Germans love the interior of British Columbia and it’s fascinating to see our province’s history through their adoring eyes. Particularly when it’s serving as the backdrop for a filmic odyssey fueled by betrayal and romance.

"Inspired by period diaries and photographs, Thomas Arslan’s astutely cast, beautifully crafted Gold tells the story of a diverse group of Germans who set off on the trek with great hopes. This involving, naturalistic period piece, full of tension and immediacy, satisfyingly exploits the conventions of the late-era Western as well as its ruggedly majestic landscapes… Top-hatted blowhard Wilhelm Laser (Peter Kurth) leads seven compatriots as they set off from Ashcroft, Canada’s northernmost railway terminus, in the summer of 1898. Among the party are cautious and capable Emily (Hoss) from Bremen by way of Chicago, eager to make a new life for herself; Joseph Rossman (Lars Rudolph), a banjo-playing father of four determined to escape poverty for the sake of his family; and obnoxious, whisky-slugging journalist Gustav Muller (Uwe Bohm). They’re supported by cooks Otto and Maria Dietz (Wolfgang Packhauser, Rosa Enskat), who drive the covered wagon, and packer Carl Boehmer (Marko Mandić), an experienced horse wrangler and the only one with a real notion of the enormous hardships they will face."—Alissa Simon, Variety

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