The Reel Youth Film Festival

(Various, Various Countries, 76 mins, DVD)
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Once again, VIFF partners with The Reel Youth Film Festival to showcase a collection of incredibly diverse youth-made shorts. They are deeply honest, disarmingly beautiful and sometimes just plain hilarious. Chosen by a youth selection panel from hundreds of international submissions, this collection will show you the world through the eyes of the next generation of filmmakers.


DIR Lucy Moroukian, Perpich Center for Arts Education / USA, 2013, 1 min.

Movie Going 101: Etiquette.

The Light Switch

DIR Max Tobin / UK, 2013, 6 min.

Our hero is comforted by simple things: routine, light switches and ice lollies. He is terribly honest and also autistic—a combo that can get him into trouble.

San Francisco Love

DIR Luz Rioja with BAYCAT / USA, 2013, 3 min.

An ode to San Francisco, complete with rap lyrics, ukulele beats and stylin’ shades.

Are Unicorns Real?

DIR William, Precious, Bryant, Derek, Terrence with the hamlet of Fort Liard and Reel Youth / Canada, 2013, 3 min.

A comedic horror from the Northwest Territories.


DIR Lukas Sorenson with Perpich Center for Arts Education / USA, 2013, 8 min.

Hank enjoys red jelly beans, showing up on time for meetings and The Biggest Loser. He thought life was pretty exciting, until radiant office beauty, Patricia, noticed him…

Words Stick

DIR Emma Mackie, Devon Caldwell, Emily Weldon, Jake Guy / Canada, 2013, 2 min.

Words can be sticky, persistent, nasty things.

True Colours

DIR Narissa Wall / Canada, 2013, 1 min.

Blue’s self-image has him feeling very small and lonely. Luckily this sad story doesn’t have to end there.

Reach Out

DIR Linnea Ritland / Canada, 2013, 1 min.

Bullying is a big issue in the young LGBTQ community; in the words of the filmmaker, "Gosh, why can’t we all just get along?"

Life of Walter Hall

DIR Rahul Gandhi, Yunis "Sly" Lattuf with Reel Youth / Canada, 2013, 3 min.

Walter is a stubborn, 89-year-old curmudgeon from Weston, ON, and proud of it. Two teenage Brampton boys capture his story.


DIR David Cullinan / Ireland, 2013, 6 min.

There’s something a little odd about this conversation between Adam and Jane. Featuring Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson, who turns out to be a pretty likeable guy, after all.


DIR Adam Jacobswith Perpich Center for Arts Education / USA, 2013, 1 min.

We all know Barbie… or do we?


DIR Ella Swan, Liam Haynes, Luke Anderson, Karesen Seel with David Thompson Secondary School and Reel Youth / Canada, 2013, 3 min.

How to get your video-game-addicted friends to go camping.

Welcome Home

DIR Students at Zvviks Institute for Film and Audiovidual Production / Solvenia, 2013, 2 min.

Corporate greed, human rights and religion in a brisk but bold animation.


DIR Kevin Chiu with Hunter College High School / USA, 2013, 4 min.

A musical tour of Hunter College High School hallways by more than 100 of its students.

What Is a Home?

DIR Mark Harvey with Frames Film Project / Canada, 2013, 1 min.

What would it look like for a community to bring homelessness to an end?

A Man, a Chair, a Sandwich and a Tragic Ending

DIR Matt Endres with Perpich Center for Arts Education / USA, 2013, 2 min.

Metamorphosis, destruction and a slice of comedy; a meditation on impermanence.

Drugs at the Disco

DIR Lucca students / Italy, 2013, 1 min.

When the mind is animated, you don’t need drugs.

Blank Canvases

DIR Paige Smith / Canada, 2013, 4 min.

Local street and canvas painter Nick Gregson opens a window onto the lives of Vancouver graffiti artists.

Ta and Xua

DIR Hye Lin Yoon, Kelly Emblem, Gladwin Tirkey with UNIS Hanoi and Reel Youth / Vietnam, 2013, 3 min.

Meet Ta and Xua, two sweet, young Black H’Mong girls living in the hills of Northern Vietnam.


DIR Deniz Gul / Denmark, 2013, 9 min.

Coffee is the creative, if unsustainable, drug of choice used to suppress destructive tendencies… or is it an alter ego?

About Wandering

DIR Fundacja Pugramcze youth / Poland, 2013, 3 min.

A Polish folk song takes us on a Romany caravan’s journey of displacement.

The Olive Principle

DIR Dylan Cowan, Linnea Ritland, Colin Stonefield / Canada, 2013, 1 min.

Breaking down the language of one of the most prevelant sources of bullying for today’s youth… Or, how we wish we responded.

Too Old for Fairytales

DIR UNIS students / Vietnam, 2013, 3 min.

One clumsy action lands two strangers in a whimsical, romantic adventure.

Being Ernest

DIR Olivia Lang with Lord Byng Secondary / Canada, 2013, 5 min.

An admirably undeterred old-fashioned young man pursues the girl of his dreams.

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