See You Never

(Hasta Nunca)
(USA, Uruguay, 2013, 80 mins, HDCAM)
International Premiere
FEATURING Rufo Martínez, Maiana Olazabal, Rio Kim, Noemi Gonzalez, Benjamin Silva
PRODS Mark Street, Uzi Sabah
SCR/ED Mark Street
CAM Jorge “Gancho” Ferreira de Araujo, Mark Street
MUS Monteith McCollum, Gabriel Casacuberta, Nandy Cabrera
PROD CO Mark Street Films
Guests in attendance.


The host of a popular radio call-in show in Montevideo, Mario Ligetti serves as a sounding board for his fellow Uruguayans’ insecurities and fears. As the eloquent and spirited middle-aged DJ endures an identity crisis of his own, this ingenious hybrid docudrama melds vérité and poetic invention to explore the state of a fascinating nation in transition.

“You’re still listening to Secrets and Stories,” we hear Mario say as a horse-drawn carriage winds its way past old colonial buildings, “A pretty day in Montevideo. For a long time I’ve been quoting the words of the French Situationists when they describe what they called ‘drift,’ the way the French wanted us to interpret the experience of the city. Drift: a technique of swift passage through varied environments. Drifts: [being] wrapped up in constructive, playful behaviour… Drawn in by the beauty of the world and the encounters that await.”

These words capture perfectly the spirit of this wonderful film which—as Phillip Lopate has written of Mark Street’s work in general “combines the strengths of the city symphony, the essay-film, and the experimental film in one tender, dazzling package which conveys the weirdness and fresh humanity of daily life.”

Montevideo has been called “a worn-out city of broken dreams” where economic stagnation has frozen in time a grand port city of several million. It’s the perfect place for a film like this.

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