Karaoke Girl

(Sao Karaoke)
(Thailand, 2013, 77 mins, DCP)
North American Premiere
CAST Sa Sittijun, Supavitch Mepremwattana, Nang Sittijun, Sampao Sittijun, Bunthan Sittijun
PRODS Pommanus Rattavanich, Pran Tadaveerawat, Samina Akbari
SCR Visra Vichit Vadakan
CAM Chanunan Chotrungroj, Sandi Sissel
EDS Saranee Wongpan, Perry Blackshear
PROD DES Songwat Asawanonda
MUS Shimizu Koichi
PROD CO Hidden Rooster Films


The time for fact-fiction hybrids is clearly here.

Visra Vichit Vadakan’s debut feature is a portrait of Sa Sittijun, a woman in her early twenties who sings and hooks clients in a karaoke bar in Bangkok. Some scenes are straight documentary, as when Sa tells Visra her personal history. She left her rural family at 15 to work in a factory in Bangkok; the move meant that she could get an education and was spared working in the village’s rice paddies and rubber plantation. After a while, though, she concluded that the only way she could earn enough to support her parents was by working in the bar.

Other scenes are acted fiction: Sa has a steady boyfriend in Ton, a likable and tolerant guy, but relationships in this milieu can be hard to sustain. Across scenes in the bar, in Sa’s flat and with her family in the village, Visra sketches the life, the disappointments and the aspirations of a very contemporary young woman. The mood is sisterly, not salacious.

Tony Rayns

Preceded By: The Mother

DIR Pimpaka Towira / Thailand, 2012, 15 min.

On the last day of the wake for her daughter, a mother intransigently demands reparation from the man whose car killed her. Female strength, and ghosts. (TR)

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