Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Film Tour

(USA, 2012, 61 mins, Digital Betacam)
Canadian Premiere
PRODS Andrew Goldman, Opiyo Okeyo
CAM Hanly Banks, Smokey Nelson
ED Hanly Banks
MUS Bill Callahan
PROD CO Hanly Banks


Bill Callahan is a truly great artist and this film will bring a huge smile to anyone who appreciates superb music and sound recording. When Callahan took his latest album Apocalypse on the road, director Hanly Banks fashioned an impressionistic and evocative record of the tour. MusicFilmWeb calls it "a clutch of terrific performances captured by a rapt but also visually skilled fan.” Whether by his own name or his previous band moniker Smog, Callahan’s rich baritone and achingly beautiful melodies and lyrics now "flow like a river" and "soar like an eagle," as a few of his recent songs suggest. But this is tough, solemn beauty and Apocalypse is about America.

"Bill Callahan is another fascinating figure in indie rock who is arguably one of its most inscrutable and undervalued figures… One wonders if this enigmatic figure will be looked back on in 20 years as the Bob Dylan or Scott Walker of his day that you never really knew… Callahan and his music do the biggest percentage of the talking in the movie—’I think when I’m performing live, it’s really just the realest me there is,’ Callahan says… Sometimes Callahan on stage with his lyrics front and center delivers a clarity and insight that can occasionally feel like something illuminating or profound into the psyche of a quiet, but vital artist."—Rodrigo Perez, Indiewire

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