(Japan, 2013, 61 mins, HDCAM)
International Premiere
CAST Shinohara Atsushi, Iwasaki Noriko, Ellen, Yamashita Koji, Matsushita Sadaharu, Ito Koichi
SCR Hashiguchi Ryosuke
CAM Ueno Shogo
ED Ono Hitoshi
MUS Akaboshi
PROD CO "Zentai" Production Partners
Guests in attendance.


“We are all sentenced to solitary confinement in our own skins,” said Tennessee Williams. But zentai—full-body-suit fetishists—have found a get-out clause. Ordinary people, such as amateur baseball players, promotional models, beer drinkers and supermarket cashiers, have discovered that they can lose inhibitions, erase their character flaws, even blur their sexual preferences when they don full body suits.

Hashiguchi Ryosuke’s wonderfully subversive comedy is in six chapters. The first four show same-sex groups in conversation; they invite us to guess which participant is a secret zentai fetishist. The last two are set in a karaoke bar, with a zentai group in one room and a group of housewives next door. You’ll be shopping for Spandex the moment it’s over.

Tony Rayns

Preceded By: Jury

DIR Kim Dongho / South Korea, 2013, 24 min.

Kim Dongho, founder-director of the hugely successful film festival in Busan, turned director in "retirement" to make this fearless exposé of what really goes on in festival jury meetings… and what happens when the grand prix winner and the runner-up take a shine to each other. (TR)

Preceded By: Two Boys and a Sheep

DIR Lee Hyunseok / South Korea, 2013, 18 min.

The director of Western Movie (VIFF 11) returns with a film set in and around a tin outhouse. It features two teenaged boys, a lamb, a nervous man, a bossy woman and a policeman. Plus an embarrassing love letter. (TR)

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Tokyo, 150-0011
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