(South Africa, 2013, 97 mins, DCP)
North American Premiere
CAST Hlayani Mabasa, Linda Sokhulu, Dame Janet Suzman, Elvis Mahomba, Okwethu Banisi
PROD Roberta Durrant
SCR Shirley Johnston
CAM Natalie Haarhoff
ED Maryke Kruger
ART DIR Surisa Surisa
MUS Murray Anderson
PROD CO Penguin Films
Classification: G - Bullying
Those under 19 years of age will not be admitted


Guided by the joyous rhythms of Cape Jazz, this rousing crowd-pleaser centres on a black teenaged saxophonist torn between honouring his late father and obeying his protective mother.

When cheerful 14-year-old Felix Xaba gets a scholarship to an exclusive ("white") private school, he’s immediately treated like an outsider by fellow students and faculty alike. His affinity for jazz and playing the penny-whistle doesn’t help him much either—in fact it gets him into trouble with his mother who has considered jazz as the devil’s music, ever since Felix’s musician-father drank himself to death. It isn’t long, however, before young Felix makes some friends at school and, finding his infamous father’s old saxophone, begins to secretly meet with his Dad’s old band-mates to learn how to play. When an opportunity arises to put on a concert, Felix’s hopes begin to rise…

A loving musical tribute and a testament to familial bonds, Felix is a heartwarming, witty and a vibrant portrait of Cape Town. Aptly described as “Billy Elliot with Cape jazz,” director Roberta Durrant and award-winning screenwriter Shirley Johnston’s film spiritedly injects a familiar tale with fresh flavour. Johnston’s script was the winner of the Sithengi 2004 Writer’s Forum Award (only one of its several accolades), making Felix a film nearly a decade in the making—but one well worth the wait.

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Penguin Films
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Phone 1: 27 21 422 4466