Dark Matter

(Canada, 2013, 101 mins)
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Just as the concept of dark matter leaves astrophysicists scratching their heads, the short films assembled here snub their noses at straightforward synopses by finding inventive takes on familiar tropes.

Beasts in the Real World

DIR Sol Friedman / ON, 2013, 8 min.

A sushi conveyer-belt transports us into a rare land mammal’s supernatural habitat—where documentary crews must brave ghosts and other oddities.

Night Giant

DIR Aaron Beckum / ON, 2013, 11 min.

When a giant inexplicably picks a fight with him, a young man must throw down with his oversized tormentor.


DIR Gabriel Adelman / BC, 2013, 8 min.

Enduring episodes of spontaneous teleportation, an understandably disoriented man struggles to find his way back home.

Der Untermensch

DIR Kays Mejri / QC, 2013, 10 min.

A dancer conveys the horrors endured by homosexuals in Nazi concentration camps through bold contemporary movement.

We Wanted More

DIR Stephen Dunn / ON, 2013, 16 min.

Having lost her voice on the eve of her first world tour, a psychologically fragile singer is further tormented by a manifestation of her inner demons.

Under the Bridge of Fear

DIR Mackenzie Gray / BC, 2013, 14 min.

Hard-boiled private-eye Hamilton Drake gets mixed up with the notorious Georgia Thurlow in this noir thriller that doubles as a love letter to Vancouver.


DIR James Stewart, Nev Bezaire / ON, 2013, 5 min.

A stop-motion cautionary tale about child labour and how parents often don’t have the faintest idea about how much their kids are suffering.


DIR Mauricio Pampin / BC, 2013, 6 min.

This mysterious and enchanting animated exploration of the myriad dimensions of existence seduces and repulses in turn.

Portrait as a Random Act of Violence

DIR Randall Okita / ON, 2012, 5 min.

Sculpture and kinetic performance collide to breathtaking effect in this explosive piece exploring the art of destruction.

The Sparkling River

DIR Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël / QC, 2013, 18 min.

A brief (and extremely odd) encounter between a lonesome farmer (Jesse Zubot) and a Chinese tourist who’s lost her way.