That Burning Feeling

(Canada, 2013, 95 mins, DCP)
CAST Paulo Costanzo, Ingrid Haas, John Cho, Tyler Labine, Emily Hampshire, Jay Brazeau
EXEC PRODS William Santor, Andrew Chang-Sang, John Cho, Paulo Costanzo
PRODS Jason James, Marc Stephenson, Mary Anne Waterhouse, Nick Citton, Jhod Cardinal
SCR Nick Citton
CAM James Liston
ED Jamie Alain
PROD DES Scott Moulton
MUS Andrew Harris
PROD CO Resonance Films / Sheep Noir Films
Guests in attendance. Director Jason James will also participate in VIFF’s Film and Television Forum panel "Canuck First-Time Feature Film Directors" on Saturday, October 5 at 11:00am. Tickets and further information are available at


This is a wisecracking rom-com in the vein of Billy Wilder’s The Apartment: it’s mordant and cheerful, often at the same time. Like many contemporary satires, it puts across the notion that being a functioning adult in our society does not require being a good person. Adam Murphy (Paolo Costanzo) is an accomplished, complacent yuppie with a bright and empty future ahead of him. His main recreational activity is womanizing, and at the beginning of the film he’s stricken with a bad case of the clap. Addled by a wild cocktail of meds from his zany GP (Jay Brazeau), our hero mouths off at the wrong time and gets fired from his real estate job.

Following from there is some stock-taking: he goes back through his list of recent conquests, seeking to learn something about himself and the women he’s used. He also meets Liv (Ingrid Haas), a tough legal aid worker who happens to be fighting his ex-employer over a planned condo development. It’s true love, though as usual in the movies it takes time to blossom. There are obstacles: his illness, of course, but mainly the confusion that comes from judging life on new terms. This is a provocative, heart-warming and very funny film.

Preceded By: I Saw You

DIR Mina Shum / BC, 2013, 9 min.

While waiting anxiously for his “I Saw You” ad to be answered, a lovelorn guy stumbles across an unlikely community in his neighbourhood park.

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