Two-Handers, for the most part

(Various, Various Countries, 105 mins)
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Though not classic two-handers in the theatrical sense, this program of shorts shares the same essential elements as its stage cousins. The relationship between two characters told with tight, well-crafted dialogue, top-notch acting, directing and some very original scenarios, these films demonstrate that this is all you need to create a very dynamic experience.

12th of Never

DIR Fadi Hindash / Netherlands, 2013, 17 min.

Stan is an unemployed writer whose wife treats him like dirt. In his stories, she runs after him, begging for attention. But when the lines between reality and delusion start to blur, it becomes unclear who the real monster is.

The Boy Scout

DIR Patrick Brooks / USA, 2013, 14 min.

Trapped in their car for days after an unexpected snowstorm strands them on a remote mountain road, a young couple confronts a life-or-death choice: should we stay or should we go?

Breaking the Bough

DIR Yana Kehrlein / Canada/France, 2013, 13 min.

A small-time criminal kidnaps his estranged daughter and takes off on a road trip with ideas of starting a new life in Canada. Staring Dominic Fumusa (Kevin in Nurse Jackie).

In Passing

DIR Alan Miller / USA/Canada, 2013, 5 min.

Two lonely people jump off a building to end it all, and fall in love on the way down. A very brief romance.

In the Light of Day

DIR Stephen Graziano / USA, 2013, 11 min.

In a fancy restaurant, Jane is confronted by a young, disturbed woman who wants to apologize for a traumatic incident that tragically altered both their lives six years ago.

Off Course

DIR Leo Baker / Australia, 2013, 9 min.

Who would think that a ride home from two apparently friendly strangers after you got mugged could turn into a life-changing experience?


DIR Oliver Briginshaw / UK, 2013, 13 min.

Two mobsters, one old and one young, get to talking as they wait in a car park for a mysterious appointment. As they converse, each suspects the other is hiding something, and sooner rather than later the truth will come out…

Sky Blue Collar

DIR Derek Frey / USA, 2013, 8 min.

A carpet warehouseman and a businessman find passion during a wild and playful forklift ride one day—but their class-conscious bosses do their best to undermine their budding relationship.


DIR Matt Johnson / USA, 2013, 15 min.

In an attempt to win her back, a cowboy meets his estranged wife at an abandoned railway line on the Texas-Oklahoma border. One problem… neither will cross state lines!