Coast of Death

(Costa da Morte)
(Spain, 2013, 81 mins, DCP)
North American Premiere
PRODS Felipe Lage Coro, Martin Pawley
CAM Lois Patiño
EDS Lois Patiño, Pablo Gil Rituerto
MUS Ann Deveria
PROD CO Zeitun Films


Costa da Morte is the region in the northwest of Galicia (Spain) that was considered the end of the world during the Roman period. Its dramatic name comes from the numerous shipwrecks that have occurred throughout history in the area, a place that encompasses an intimidating, fiercely beautiful melange of rocks, mist and storms.

We cross this land while carefully observing the people—fishers, shellfish gatherers, loggers—who make this neglected corner of the world their home. We witness traditional craftsmen who maintain both an intimate relationship and an antagonistic battle with the vastness of the landscape and the ocean. The wind, the stones, the water, the fire—all are characters in this film, and through them we approach the mystery of the landscape, trying to understand the ties that bind together the people, their history and their legends.

Lois Patiño—who has spent time working under Pedro Costa, Víctor Erice and José Luis Guerín, among others— crafts a series of immaculate tableaux that capture these treacherous lands and the people who inhabit them. Poetic and thoughtful with images that will stay in the mind’s eye well after the screening ends, Costa da Morte is "a visually stimulating and gently engrossing film…"—Next Projection

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